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Check that your insurance covers earthquakes

Local risk

Know your local earthquake risk.

Radio and torch

Keep a battery powered radio and torch close to your bed.

Areas to shelter

Identify the safest areas to shelter both inside and outside your home

Pantry supplies

Keep your pantry stocked with at least 72 hours of bottled water and non-perishable food.

Learn what to do in an earthquake

Learn what to do in an earthquake. Think about possible power outages and injuries.

Teach children about earthquakes

Teach children to drop, cover and hold.

Brace freestanding furniture

Brace freestanding furniture and clear items that hang over beds.

Check your garage door

Check that your garage door is strong enough to withstand an earthquake

Exterior corrosion

Inspect your home’s exterior for any corrosion, rotten timber or loose fittings.

Secure ornaments

Secure ornaments and small objects.

Secure objects on your wall

Secure pictures, mirrors and any wall art.

Secure outdoor equipment

Make sure your hot water system, rainwater tanks and other outdoor equipment are fixed securely.

Water cylinder

Understand how to access water from your hot water cylinder in an emergency

Secure appliances

Secure appliances like microwaves, TVs and computers.

Positive-catching latches

Use positive-catching latches on cupboard doors and drawers. Make sure these latches aren’t magnetic, as they will not hold during a quake. Child-proof latches with a mechanical action are best.

Flexible gas and plumbing fittings

Install flexible gas and plumbing fittings to prevent breaks or leaks during an earthquake.

Get together with your fellow tenants

Plan and understand what your building procedures are in case of earthquakes. Ask your Property Manager to prepare your building for earthquakes by checking your apartment block’s exterior for any corrosion.

Prepare your apartment building

Discuss preparation with fellow tenants and your body corporate or building manager. Organise to check your apartment block’s exterior for any corrosion.

Livestock emergency kit

Consider preparing an emergency kit for livestock to store in sheds or vehicles.